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Support Groups

Check out our current support groups that we offer facilitated by our founder and owner of Life Begins Here Therapeutic & Counseling Services, Dr. Kim LO. She has 15+ years of experience, highly specialized training and she's a mom of 2! 

​Mommies who complete one of our support groups get automatically added to The Melanated Mommy Tribe community!

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"It Takes A Village" Postpartum Support Group

This closed group is a 5- week series facilitated by The Melanated Mommy Tribe founder Dr. Kim LO every Wednesday, Jan 17th thru Feb 14th from 12 PM - 1 PM EST

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The Melanated Mommy Tribe Support Group

This closed group is a 5- week series facilitated by The Melanated Mommy Tribe founder Dr. Kim LO every Friday, Jan 19th thru Feb 16th from 12 PM - 1 PM EST

The Melanated Mommy Tribe Communities

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Welcome to The Melanated Mommy Tribe Empowerment Series

With all the negative statistics and news swirling around about the adverse birth outcomes and the disparities faced by Black women and families during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period this series was created to empower and liberate Black women and families reminding them about the beauty of birth, our autonomy and rights when it comes to our bodies and birth. Part of the woman's creation was to bring life into the world and we should be able to do so free of fear. 

This series will equip you with the right tools and mindset to leave you feeling prepared, empowered and excited about the journey to motherhood (parenthood). 

Catch a sneak peek of the workshops and offerings below!

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The Melanated Mommy Tribe Empowerment & Preparation 

Prenatal Portrait

Empowered & Prepared for Birth for Expectant Mothers

This course was designed specifically to support and empower Black mothers as they navigate the journey of childbirth. This course addresses the unique experiences, challenges, and disparities faced by Black women in maternal healthcare, with a focus on equipping them with the knowledge and tools to advocate for their own needs and preferences during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

By the end of the course, Black mothers will emerge with increased confidence, knowledge, and agency as they approach childbirth. They will be equipped with the tools and resources to navigate the healthcare system, advocate for their own needs, and create a positive and empowering birthing experience that honors their individuality and cultural identity.

Expecting Couple

Empowered & Prepared for Birth Partner Edition

This course is a comprehensive workshop designed to empower partners with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to provide optimal support during one of life's most transformative experiences—the birth of their child. This course is carefully crafted to address the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of both the birthing person and their partner. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the stages of labor, pain management techniques, and medical interventions, enabling them to navigate the birthing process with greater ease and awareness and provide them with the confidence to advocate for their partners during the birthing process.

Happy Family

Understanding & Supporting my Partner during the Postpartum period

This course is a transformative workshop designed to educate partners about the mental and emotional changes that their loved one may experience during the postpartum period. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and adjustments that new parents face in the year following childbirth.

Through a combination of expert guidance, personal stories, and interactive exercises, partners will gain insights into the common mental health conditions that can arise, such as postpartum depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. They will learn to recognize the signs and symptoms, understand their potential impact on their partner's well-being, and develop strategies to provide empathetic and effective support.



A Woman Writing by the Window

Mental Wellness Toolbox Essentials for Moms 

This mental health and wellness toolbox for moms is a comprehensive and empowering resource designed to support and uplift mothers on their journey towards wellness. This virtual toolbox is equipped with a variety of tools, strategies, and resources to address the unique challenges faced by Black mothers in managing their mental health.

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