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The Art of Mindless Time Activity book
  • The Art of Mindless Time Activity book


    We all deserve time to just be present in the moment, to breathe deeply, and to be in a relaxed and restful space while being intentional with speaking kindly to ourselves and not feeling guilty for taking time for us. This activity book will allow you to practice mindfulness through coloring, journaling (journaling prompts and blank journaling pages included) and affirming yourself with powerful positive affirmations.


    Mindless time is the art of engaging in an activity that you can be mentally present in and provides a sense of comfort and ease taking your mind off of anything heavy or worrisome and/ or releasing stressful thoughts and focusing on more positive ones. Some of my favorite mindless time activities are included in this activity book: reciting positive affirmations, coloring and journaling! 


    This activity book was created by Dr. Kim LO, LCSW, PMH-C, a licensed mental health and holistic wellness therapist with the current state of humanity in mind. We all need solace, rest and to reserve space to be free of mental heaviness. As a therapist with a background in clinical social work and psychology, I understand the importance of and how life changing intentionally engaging in mindless activities is for relieving stress and caring for our whole selves. Can be lifechanging...and life saving. Join me in being intentional in taking care of and being mentally and holistically well!


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