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It Takes A Village Postpartum Support Group

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Life Begins Here Administrative Staff
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Welcome to a transformative safe space of healing, connection, and empowerment – "It Takes A Village" Postpartum Support Group brought to you by The Melanated Mommy Tribe in collaboration with Life Begins Here Therapeutic & Counseling Services facilitated by mom of 2, wife, mental health and holistic wellness licensed therapist, trained birth doula, clinical social worker and Certified perinatal mental health clinician Dr. Kim LO.

What/ Who:

  • This immersive 6-week online experience is tailor-made for Black mothers navigating the joys and challenges of motherhood with children aged 4 and under.

  • This safe haven is where you'll find solace, understanding, confirmation and a tribe that truly gets you. Through meaningful discussions, therapeutic practices, education, and shared stories, we will embark on a profound path of self-discovery, embracing our identities as Black mothers, and nurturing our well-being.

  • We will explore several topics such as postpartum depression and anxiety, friendships, relationships, holistic health and wellness, spirtuality, support system, self-care, helpful resources, etc.

  • This is an OPEN group, which means you can attend one, a few or all groups as you see fit. This also means there may be some different group members each time.


  • This group will be held virtually during the middle of the week on Wednesdays during lunch time (12-1:15 PM EST). So feel free to let your hair down, enjoy your lunch and connect with us during this 75 minute support group. The first group is Sept 13th & the last group is October 25th!

  • The spaces are limited to 8-10 mommies to keep the space intimate. The next cycle of this exact group will start January 2024.

  • Groups will be held virtually via Zoom, Google Meets or Teams (links will be sent out 24-48 hours to the email registered with prior to group).

Join us as we foster connections that last a lifetime, find inspiration and empowerment, be liberated and celebrate the strength that is uniquely ours. Your journey of self-care and growth begins here – come thrive with us! I look forward to evolving and sharing space with each of you!

An added bonus is everyone that registers for this group will get a copy of The Art of Mindless Time Activity Book to add to their self care toolbox!

To learn more and register please visit:

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    Welcome to a transformative safe space of healing, connectio...

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